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Cost for classes

six week consecutive session


Walk-in Fee


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mixed class: 

Fridays-  7:00 to 8:00 PM


Classes are held at the

Manchester School - Dance Arts

613 Middle Turnpike East

Manchester, CT  06040

Due to the low class registration for Advanced students
 I am now teaching a mixed class of Intermediate/Advanced students.
Scroll to bottom of page for directions

Intermediate/Advanced Class- Must have completed and successfully mastered the moves in the Belly Dance Basic Beginner Class
have had prior Belly Dance class experience before attending this class.
This class is ideal for students moving up from Beginner level class, and are up for a challenge and eager to perform.

The class progresses into more of the movements taught in Beginner class, including advanced arm patterns, layered hip movements, more intricate undulations and simple to intricate layering, as well as incorporates some of the more advanced layering, shimmies and undulations from Intermediate-Advanced Level classes.

Basic movements are used as building blocks for more complex movements, including hip, arm, upper body, and arm movements as well as traveling steps. Basic steps for combination of Egyptian style belly dance are introduced. The student is focused upon and trained with specialty work, including veil and cane.

Rhythms are learned and basic finger cymbal patterns are reinforced.

Preparations for solo work is a big part of the adgenda. Both spontaneous and choreographed forms are discussed and practiced using lots of drills and combinations.

Recommended Materials: hip scarf, veil, finger cymbals, cane, may be purchased from instructor

This class is ongoing - preference is for six-weeks sign up to get full benefit of class.
Drop-ins are permitted however not suggested.
Must have knowledge of, and mastered, all basic core movements

To Sign up - just come in 10 minutes before class time

and register!

Note: no one is ever forced to perform solo or with the group in a public performance if they do not desire to do so. However, the concept is taught in all classes.


Directions to Friday's intermediate/Advanced class

Manchester School - Dance Arts

613 Middle Turnpike East

Manchester, CT 06040

Get Directions To:
613 Middle Turnpike East
Manchester CT 06040